Pre-Brexit Health Check

Business Doctors Sussex Coast

Starts: 28/11/2018

Expires: 31/01/2019

Do you know what impact Brexit may have on your business?  No?  Then you're not alone.  The uncertainty around Brexit is already affecting our economy; fluctuations in exchange rates and share prices, concerns around the stability - and price - of supply chains.

Do you know where you are vulnerable and how to protect your business from these vulnerabilities?  Do you understand how to differentiate yourself from your competitors to boost your own stability?  Do you have concerns - or just niggling doubts - that you'd find it helpful to share?

Whilst we operate within the consulting industry Business Doctors are not traditional consultants.  Our approach involves getting off the sidelines and onto the pitch to help businesses, providing practical advice every step of the way.

If you'd like a coffee - on me - and the opportunity to explore the answers to these questions in more detail call me, Sandra Murphy, on 07809 909839 to arrange a free, pre-Brexit health check and find out how we can help.  

Pre-Brexit Health Check