Free Lighting Survey for Members

Medlock Electrical

Starts: 03/08/2017

Expires: 03/06/2018

To assist other Network Albion members in saving valuable money , Medlock Electrical are offering a free lighting survey.
With the continual improvement in LED  lighting and lamps technology, the ability to save energy costs is so much simpler.
From changing just a few lamps or all light fittings to LED the cost savings can be immense. also, because the cost of LED lighting is coming down as technology improves the "pay back" period is a lot shorter.   so for a sensible investment in changing to led lighting you can save energy costs and also maintenance costs , as lamps will not need to be changed so often. ( the average LED lamp or light fitting is guaranteed for at least 3 years ).
we are happy to visit your premises and advise on the best way to make these savings. we can show you the best options either to change your normal lamps to LED  or the change the fittings entirely into LED . 
You will also enjoy additional savings on your first order with extra discounts from us as being part of the Network.  
just contact us and we will do the rest. 
Medlock Electrical

Contact Name: Keith Fines

Tel: 01273 699599