Outlook’s Clutter Inbox is Retiring

  • Posted on: 12th June 2019
  • Posted in: News

Microsoft announced back in 2017 that the ‘Clutter’ feature in Outlook is going to be retiring. So here is a gentle reminder to you and here is what you should do if you currently rely on the clutter feature for your email organisation.

Clutter is going to be ‘retiring’ on the 31st of January 2020. With less than a year to prepare your business, this is everything you need to know and do. Despite clutter going, there isn’t going to be much of a change to your inbox organisation thanks to the ‘Focused Inbox’ feature. This has exactly the same algorithms as the clutter feature, but is more user-friendly and isn’t hidden away in a separate folder.

Focused inbox was created as a replacement for clutter back in July 2016. Users have the option of turning it off if they prefer to sort their own emails, but the focused inbox separates what Outlook believes to be important and less important emails into ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’. To turn the Focused Inbox either on or off, follow this guide: https://heroitsupport.com/turn-off-focused-inbox-outlook/ To turn Clutter off before the deadline, follow this guide: https://heroitsupport.com/turn-off-clutter-in-outlook/ For some this can be a life saver, but others a nightmare. It varies and is purely down to personal preference.

The focused inbox has now been fully rolled out and is available to everyone. Employees with administrator access are able to turn this inbox on for the company, enabling employee to benefit from this feature.

What Impact is This Going to Have on Your Business

If your business is currently operating using the clutter feature, you will need to migrate your email organisation methods over to the focused inbox option. Your business has until the 31st of January 2020 to make this change. Depending on the version of Outlook that your business is using will depend on the method of migrating to focused inbox.

In the meantime, clutter will still be available to Office 365 customers until the retire date. However, it is no longer available to new Office 365 users or to customers who receive less than 12 emails in their clutter inbox a month. This can be re-enabled if the customer with a low email usage requests.

People still using clutter will be prompted to use the focus inbox. If you do not move to the focused inbox before the deadline, don’t worry, nothing disastrous will happen! Your clutter inbox will simply no longer exist and your emails will all be in the generic inbox. There will just be no automatic email sorting enabled unless you turn on focused inbox.

If your business is running an old version of Outlook, you may need to upgrade to the latest version to access all the benefits. To upgrade or migrate your business to Office 365, give us a call on 0800 680 00 88 or visit our projects page https://heroitsupport.com/it-projects