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County House 3 Shelley Road
West Sussex
BN11 1TT

Contact Name: Tim Dunn

Category: Insurance Brokers

Business Description

ViiSana is one of the UK’s fastest growing exclusive distributors of Vitality insurance and our approach to the market is unique. We have created a proposition that benefits both the employee and the employer, ultimately improving business performance through better engagement and the enhanced productivity created by a happier and more motivated workforce.

Do you identify with any of these challenges within your organisation:

• High sickness absence levels?
• Lack of loyalty from certain staff?
• Low levels of motivation and engagement from your employees?
• Employment retention rates that could be better?
• You struggle to offer meaningful but cost-effective employee benefits?

Those companies who invest in the health and happiness of their workforce will typically experience enhancements in the following areas:

• A significant reduction in costly sickness absence
• An increase in employee loyalty
• Improved staff motivation and engagement
• Employee retention rates greatly improved
• Enabling employees to choose healthy lifestyles 

Want to know more or to discuss your individual business requirements in a no-obligation conversation. Please call Tim Dunn; +44 7974830781 

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