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Whatever your financial goals, Sanlam helps you achieve them by making the most of your wealth. Through our innovative products award winning funds and services and an unwavering commitment to doing things properly, we’ll support you through every stage of life’s financial journey.

We’ve been working with people, businesses and charities for more than 100 years, using a forward-looking approach that has driven our success. Everything we do focuses on helping you create a secure financial future.

While we have a rich UK heritage, our outlook is truly global. As part of a successful international business, we use the resources, talents, research and intellectual capital of teams from around the world to deliver innovative and relevant products and services for you.

As Wealthsmiths, we’re guided by three fundamental principles:

  • Intelligence and insight. Your financial plan will be crafted using the latest market knowledge and a deep understanding of your requirements, both today and tomorrow.

  • Attention to detail. We are sharply focused on getting the right results, which involves always being at the forefront of industry developments.

  • Practicality. While you get on with life, we’ll focus on managing your money and reaching your goals.

Over the past century, Sanlam has been helping people, businesses and charities protect and grow their money, allowing them to get on with life and look forward with confidence.

We believe passionately that managing money isn’t just about the markets or computer algorithms – it’s about people too, this is publicly shown by our award winning fund managers. That’s why our whole ethos is based on understanding your requirements and developing a plan that gets you to your financial destination.

People come to us when something has happened in their lives or is about to happen. They have received an inheritance or financial settlement. They are thinking about retiring or have recently retired. They want to find a tax-efficient way to pass on wealth to their family. Their personal circumstances have changed. Whatever the reason, our financial planning and investment experts help them achieve their goals.

 Products and services

Wealth planning advice

  • Investment planning

  • Retirement planning 

  • Family protection

  • Inheritance tax planning

  • Mortgage planning

  • Employee benefits advice

Investment solutions

  • Dynamic risk management

  • Discretionary and advisory portfolio management

  • Stockbroking services

  • Risk-targeted model portfolios

    We aim to redefine how wealth is invested and managed in the UK, with our award winning products and services. We know that most people invest their money to meet a real-life goal – whether that’s building a pension pot big enough to maintain their standard of living in later life or saving for something specific, like a wedding, a deposit for a home or the holiday of a lifetime. Whatever your reasons, we’ll work with you to define your destination and then put in place a plan to get you there. 

    Individuals, couples and families

    No two clients are the same. Some are busy professionals, families, senior executives, grandparents and those just starting out in life. But they do share one distinct feature – they all invest for the future and have personal financial goals in mind.

    Whatever your ambitions, we’ll craft an approach to managing your money that is right for you. Our expert teams combine financial planning and investment management services to meet your needs both today and into the future.


    We help charities manage their financial resources efficiently through our investment management services. We engage with them in other ways, from training a new generation of trustees to advising philanthropists on how to give wisely. On a personal level, many of us volunteer our time while others are trustees on charity boards.


    As a specialist provider of employee benefits, Sanlam supports companies of all sizes, from small family-run firms to global household names. We manage a streamlined service that integrates seamlessly with your existing HR and payroll functions.

    Sanlam in the community

    Sanlam has a proud history of supporting our communities and some of us work as trustees on charity boards. We run a range of initiatives, including Donate a Day, which gives our people time off to volunteer for a local organisation or cause. We are also a founding member of CASCAID, an asset management industry initiative to raise money for Cancer Research UK and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

    We actively support organisations of all sizes. This includes our role as a corporate member of the Royal Academy of Arts, which provides our clients with access to a series of exclusive viewings and events.



Whats Your Number? Would you like to find out for free?

Whats your number?

We have launched an important piece of research – What’s your number? – which sheds light on how people are saving for their retirement and their attitudes towards planning for their financial future. This is a highly important subject for our business, our clients and society as a whole.

The report highlights the thoughts and opinions of three audiences:

  • A representative sample of 1,000 UK adults
  • 500 UK adults with more than £100,000 in personal savings and investments, excluding property and pensions
  • 250 financial advisers

Key findings in the research include:

  • On average, UK adults believe they need £34,000 a year to fund a comfortable retirement – this would require a pension pot of almost £1 million. A quarter of UK adults have no idea how much money they will need in retirement
  • 55% of UK adults don’t think they will be able to save enough to retire when they want and 14% expect to work in later years to support their lifestyle
  • Men are more confident than women that they will be able to retire when they want (54% compared to 36%)
  • 48% of those who responded to our research said they had never spoken to a financial adviser, the two most popular reasons being ‘I can manage it myself’ (34%) and ‘It’ll cost too much’ (32%)
  • But of those who had spoken to a financial adviser, 59% felt confident they would achieve their target savings pot
  • Many people reported that despite knowing their lottery number, they don’t know what pension pot they’ll need 

Hard copies of the research will be available towards the end of this week, so please do think about clients or contacts who might like to receive it or events that you could take it to.

Alongside the research, we have also launched an online calculator to help people understand whether they are on course to achieve “their number”. This as well as a suite of other life calculators has gone live on our website, supported by a social media campaign to help drive new clients into our wealth planning business.

If you have any queries about the report or the campaign, please email

Starts: 07/11/2019

Expires: 06/02/2020


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