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About the Firm

Our clients all have one thing in common: a desire to be the best they can be.

Clients of  Plus Accounting want more than just their accounts: they want guidance, advice and a range of products and services to make their busy lives easier – so that is what we deliver.

We look beyond the production of the historic figures and into what your current numbers and trends really mean.

Meet our team

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to go Beyond Accounts and help your business grow.
Whatever it takes and however you need us, we will be there by your side to help you achieve your goals and realise your potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to break the mould of traditional accounting and deliver a service that we know our clients really want.

Our Values

Our values avoid the platitudes and guide us towards providing a service that is truly Beyond Accounts.

Accessible - always within reach when you need us

In touch - permanently connected with the needs and progress of your business

Decisive – not sitting on the fence, there by your side to help your business grow

Alert - looking out for the financial opportunities and warning signs while you develop and run your business. 

Established in 1992, we have the experience you need, without the self-limiting mindset that can come with years of dusty heritage. We have the professionalism and stability that you demand of an accountant, combined with the spontaneous edge of an entrepreneur.


Creative Industries; Apps and R&D - all you need to know

Join us on 25 September at our Workshop 'Creative Industries; Apps and R&D - all you need to know'.

Research and Development is a valuable tool for growing and improving your business. R&D involves researching your market and your customer needs and developing new and improved products and services to fit these needs.

But what does this mean for your business and how can you qualify for R&D tax relief?

Ed Hickey and Chris Palk, Directors at DabApps will be taking you through their experiences and explaining how an App can change your business...

This Workshop provides an opportunity for business owners to get up to date on the latest creative industry tax reliefs and understand how an App can help you achieve business growth.

We will be covering the following topics in the Workshop;

  • What is R&D?
  • What other creative reliefs are available?
  • How do you qualify for these reliefs?
  • Why does your business need an App?
  • How can having an App benefit your business?
  • How to write a brief - what you need?
  • Thinking outside the box...time to be creative!

The Workshop is aimed at company directors and owners and will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your views, opinions and questions with the speakers and each other.

The Workshop will be held at MyHotel on Jubilee Street, Brighton on Tuesday 25 September - please join us from 9.00am for light refreshments and we will begin the Workshop at 9.15am.


Starts: 25/09/2018

Expires: 25/09/2018

Personal Tax Planning Surgery

Plus Accounting have 6 free 45 minute advice sessions available.

As the 2018/19 tax year ends on the 5 April 2019 and the 2019/20 tax year starts on the 6 April 2019, these sessions are aimed at those wanting guidance and advice on personal tax compliance and planning. The following topics can be discussed;

  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Taxation of Rental Income and the restriction of Mortgage Interest
  • Child Benefit being received where total income is in excess of £50,000
  • The submission of Self-Assessment Tax Returns
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Leaving the UK to live overseas
  • Moving to the UK from overseas

We are holding a one day Personal Tax Planning Surgery at Preston Park House on Friday 5 April between 9.00am and 4.45pm.

These sessions are open to everyone and if you have a friend, family member or colleague that you think would benefit from one of these, please pass on our details.

If you or someone you know would like to arrange a session with us, please book using the options above.

This is offered free of charge, without obligation and in complete confidence.

Starts: 05/04/2019

Expires: 05/04/2019

How to Sell your Value and not your Time

Join us on 28 March for our Workshop 'How to Sell your Value and not your Time'.

Are you a sole trader, freelancer or growing business that sells a service? Do you struggle to sell your service based on value rather than time or flat project fees?

Are you billing by time? This method has obvious constraints, number of staff, number of days, number of hours. However, if you bill based on value, the amount you can charge is essentially limitless.

During this workshop we will discuss the following points;

  • What is value-based pricing and why is it important?
  • What is the client really buying from you?
  • How value-based pricing and selling impacts pitches and proposals
  • How do you measure the success of value-based pricing?
  • Choosing the right business entity?
  • Taxable benefits of sole trader v limited

Rob Da Costa, Business Coach and Mentor has over 30 years' experience of working with service based businesses and will be joined by Alex Koupland,Client Manager at Plus Accounting who will be discussing the importance of choosing your right business entity and making sure that as you grow and you have the right pricing in place, you also need to ensure that you are aware of the tax benefits and implications of this.

If you want to understand more about communicating effectively with your market and ensuring that you are selling your service on value and not time, you will become more profitable, work with the right kinds of clients and ultimately enjoy what you do.

The Workshop gives you the chance to discuss your views, opinions and questions with our expert speakers and with each other.

Workshop will be held at MyHotel on Jubilee Street, Brighton on Thursday 28 March - please join us from 9.00am for light refreshments and we will begin the Workshop at 9.15am.

Starts: 28/03/2019

Expires: 28/03/2019


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