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Contact Name: Liz Davies

Category: Life Coaching

Business Description

Is your life / business just the way you\'d love it to be? Do you consciously create, on a daily basis, the results you\'ve always dreamed of?

Quantum Physics and Science are now confirming that we have a lot more power over our experience of life than we previously realised. 

We create our own reality via our thoughts and beliefs - our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world. What we focus on expands and our life mirrors back to us what we believe we deserve, or what we believe is possible. There are universal principles that, when applied properly, bring us results that may have previously seemed impossible.

Between 2002-2016 I worked in mental health services, in a variety of settings, but my favourite area of expertise has always been psychological wellbeing and positive psychology. 

I also trained as a hypnotherapist 5 years ago (with HTI in London) and practiced as a Clinical Hypnotherapist helping people with a huge variety of issues. I loved working with the subconscious so much that I then went on to train as an EFT practitioner 3 years ago (Emotional Freedom Technique) and have also found the results of hypnotherapy & EFT nothing short of miraculous! Hence the title Miracle Coach!

I absolutely love to coach people to step into their true power and to allow their best possible life to start flowing - finally creating the results they had previously only dreamed of. It\'s really quite simple once you learn how!

I am constantly discovering new ways to \'tune in\' to ourselves, to easily release outdated feelings and beliefs, and I see wonderfully rewarding results and receive excellent feedback from my clients.

I now feel clear that my mission is to raise people\'s vibration (emotional state), create resilience in their lives and to access their most miraculous & happiest self!

If you would like to arrange one of my complimentary one to one sessions (I work globally - either online or face to face), find out about my corporate services or networking events, please get in touch I would love to hear from you!



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