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I am a business growth expert - I help businesses grow, working on the 3 things which business owners tell me matter: time people and money.  Sounds like a dark art?  I offer a guarantee on my coaching programmes.

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What sort of balloon is your business?

See the short 60 second video of a slot I did at BNI networking.


Climbing Everest

"A bit like climbing Everest" - that is how some business owners describe growing their companies. On Everest, you might be able to see the summit, but it is 30,000 feet up, with many hazards and unknowns on the way. But  initially you aim for Base Camp, and then the next camp and so on, so that there are stages on the way.

Wherever you are on your climb up the business Everest, you will benefit from a workshop being run by Andrew Abaza of ActionCOACH.  It works on the principle of planning for 90 days - you can see the end point, and work out the actions and focus needed to get there. Called GrowthCLUB, this workshop  is for business owners who want to get results and focus on the next 90 days.  

Friday, 11th May, Ropetackle Centre Shoreham. Click here for details

Starts: 03/05/2018

Expires: 11/05/2018

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